Las Vegas Architects

Architects Local to the Las Vegas Areas for Commercial Building Development, Tenant Improvements, Restaurant Design and Residential Custom Homes.

Many clients are seeking architects in Las Vegas to help them implement franchise plans or wanting a building permit to start a business in the Las Vegas area. With much of Las Vegas commercial real estate offering reasonable deals these days we can help you get situated and offer reputable builders to those that request them. 

It's our job to help you get situated in the Las Vegas area and we welcome your business. Offering reasonable service and hard work to get your business up and running along with providing you design and professoinal services during the development process lends you the right experience to navigate local building and planning departments so that you can get to what you want the most...opening your doors here in Las Vegas!

"Las Vegas is finally starting to Look Up again!"

Yes, we are actually starting to see life come back to Las Vegas the way it should be. There has been some national press about the housing market and with that heating up it is expected that the housing prices will offer Las Vegas homeowners gains each year and well into the future. 

The good news on Las Vegas development is that costs have adjusted back to reasonable prices. The smart developers are building and planning now for the next leg of growth in Las Vegas.  If your business is coming to Las Vegas or you plan on building in the next few years we can offer you advice on how to get there. Email or call us 24/7 so we can help answer your questions.

For more information or assistance on your next building project get in touch with the pros at Architectural Civil Group to help assist you with your project needs. 

Architectural & Building Las Vegas News:

Las Vegas Architect:

Kerry M. Shahan, a local Las Vegas architect began his career early in architectural design while attending a summer session at Cornell University in 1986 and soon there-after received his Bachelor’s of architecture at the University of Kentucky, College of Architecture in Lexington, KY. that is nationally recognized design school.

He has gained a broad range of experience by working in a variety of quality Architectural firms throughout the United States, ranging from Stamford, Connecticut, Asheville, North Carolina, Austin, Texas before settling into Las Vegas, Nevada. His style ranges broadly and is largely influenced by the clients individual vision and goals.

The practice has developed nicely over the past 20 years and our portfolio of completed projects are found in many established and well known areas within the local las vegas area. Building in the Las Vegas have been improved through our efforts of engineering and architectural design. Whether its a large commercial restaurant that you are seeking an architect for or a small gourmet pizza joint we've designed such hot spots both in Summerlin and on the Las Vegas strip.

Offering a full range of professional quality and cost effective architectural and design related services for land developers, general contractors or individual clients. We will readily prepare estimates based on your needs. Our goal is to meet rigid time schedules and complete state of the art construction and conceptual drawings utilizing the latest 2d and 3d technologies. 

Las Vegas Engineering Services:

Finding a good Civil Engineer in Las Vegas is worth its weight in gold. Honestly, most people consider architects to be the design professional to bring life to your business. However, those architects rely on solid industry professionals in several important engineering disciplines.

Architectural Civil Group is a recognized regional leader in civil engineering and comes highly recommended for their ability to perform on all levels of project from design through completion. With a deep understanding for what goes into a project and connecting your project with the required street utilities is something you can cut short on.

There is alot of work that goes into a projects site plan or even adjusting an existing parking lot to meet current accessibility standards. Rely on professional, dependable and excellent professionals to get your job done in a timely manner. Civil engineering can easily drive the timeline in your project as locally here in Las Vegas it can take some time to get this accomplished whether you realize it or not. Your business is counting on opening in a set period of time. Hiring the right engineers and architects is what you need to do!

Architectural Civil Group provides general professional services to various types of firms including general contractors, land developers and wireless communications providers.

When performance and flexibility are critical, Architectural Civil Group & Engineering becomes your virtual partner, creating the total system solution. With our comprehensive list of services, technological expertise, and proven project methodology, we consistently deliver reliable and cost effective solutions.